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It is October and autumn has arrived: the most interesting season in terms of variety in nature. Leaves of ocher, yellow, red brown and purple fall from the trees, temperatures drop and impressive cloudscapes adorn the sky. As the days get shorter, our need for homely warmth increases. Nice under a blanket with a cup of hot tea and a good book or a wonderful day at the sauna. But autumn is also a great time to go out with the kids. Are you staying this month ’t Lennepserf? Then we have listed various activities in the area for you to complete your holiday or overnight stay.

October: IVN #2uurnatuur Challenge 2021

That nature is good for you is not news. You have probably noticed yourself that you feel different after a long walk in the forest or a day at the beach. Scientific research shows that we need to spend at least 120 minutes a week outside to notice a positive difference. Three hours yields the most positive reactions in terms of health, five hours is optimal for your sense of well-being. Still, we don't visit nature enough and we stay indoors more often, especially in the fall. To change that, the #2 hour nature challenge will start in October. Are you participating? Then receive an email every week with exciting challenges to go outside.

Wednesday 29 September to Sunday 3 October: winter fair at Paleis 't Loo

In the avenues of Paleis 't Loo in Apeldoorn, tastemakers, mood makers and trendsetters show the best of what they have to offer. You can follow workshops on wine and chocolate, have lunch in the restaurant of Paleis 't Loo or enjoy a tasty snack at one of the Food trucks. For more information, go to Spirit of Winter.

Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 October: Open studio days North-East Veluwe

During the first weekend of October, all studios in the area of ’t Lennepserf opened. You can meet Dirry Bloem van She makes garden sculptures and awesome birds that also decorate 't Erf. In total 43 artists open their doors to introduce visitors to their work, their sources of inspiration and their view of the world. For more information and an overview of all participating studios you can contact us .

Thursday 14 October: Art lecture Frida Kahlo

The themes of Frida Kahlo's (1907-1954) paintings are intertwined with her own, predominantly poignant, life story. Her work is characterized by cheerful colors with an alienating atmosphere. Her intimate self-portraits, in which she explores her own identity and experiences, are famous. Visual artist and teacher Marianne Wilts will give a fascinating lecture about this special woman on Thursday evening 14 October in the Heerd. Tickets cost € 17,50 and can be ordered via

Saturday October 23: Morning walk sheep herd

On Saturday 23 October, the sheep herd organizes an early bird walk. During this walk on the rendering clips you have the unique opportunity, together with a shepherd, to wander off the beaten track through the heath. The morning walk starts half an hour before sunrise and is mainly intended for people who want to take beautiful pictures. This is the perfect opportunity to shoot beautiful pictures of sheep on the heath with the rising sun. There is every opportunity to have a chat with the shepherd, but only at the start does he give a short introduction for the entire group. For more information, visit the website of Sheep herd Epe Heerde.

Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October: Halloween ghost tour Outpost

The Barefoot Path at Buitenpost leads you 2,5 kilometers past various obstacles. A fantastic experience for young and old (we speak from experience!). During Halloween, the Barefoot Path is transformed into Halloween atmospheres. Put on your old boots and come get spooked. For real daredevils barefoot! The entrance is € 7,50 per person and it starts at 20 pm. Every half hour you go on the trail with a group. It is of course pitch dark so bring a lantern or a light! For more information or to buy a ticket, visit Outpost.

Would you like to make a nice walking or cycling trip yourself? Or are you looking for a nice museum? Then visit a Tourist Information Point (TIP). In Veessen can you find it in the shop? cake and egg. They are aware of the various activities in the area.