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Full moon on ’t Lennepserf

What would it be like if you could make the powerful energy of the full moon work for you? 

The moon affects health, mood, emotions, energy and sleep.

Our connection to the moon is deep, meaningful and powerful.

Each full moon has its own lessons and specific messages that challenge you to get closer to yourself.

People often find it difficult to find their way around a full moon.

Imagine being able to make the power of the moon work for you!

You can experience it during the Full Moon Evenings on ’t Lennepserf!

Femke Bloem, moon expert, takes us 12 moons on an adventure.

When the moon is completely round, she pours the energy of her silver light like a sauce over the world, making nature and all the processes that take place in it - incl. your life- get the specific flavor that goes with that full moon.

And you can apply these special powers to your life. That is possible in an astrological sense. For example, the sign in which the moon is located gives an extra dimension to the lunar power. It can also be in a practical sense. For example, plants grow better with a full moon and the full moon has a vitalizing effect on the skin.

The Celtic year wheel

We work on the basis of the wheel of the year, the natural cycle of the seasons. Inspired by how the Celts used to do that. This is a very natural way to connect with the energy of the moon and can provide many insights about who you are and where you are in your life. We make colorful, inner journeys that tell you about your inner path and the nature of which you are a part.

Through powerful, guided visualizations based on the theme of the moon, you discover what this moon can do for you. With creative methods you express the insights from the visualization and finally you share your findings from the inner moon journey in an in-depth round while enjoying a cup of tea and something delicious.

Every moon evening ends in a Celtic atmosphere with live harp music.

Will you join us? You can board per evening. The best thing is of course to follow the annual cycle!


Friday January 21: Moon of the Snow
Cleaning and silence, from here very carefully new things arise.

Friday February 18: Moon of Death
Going to extremes, the last stretch, fighting spirit, preparation for a new period.

Friday March 18: Moon of Awakening
Rebirth, the Earth awakens, deeply experiencing your life force.

Friday April 15: Moon of Grass
The vigor in nature and yourself, not the result is important, but the process!

Friday, May 20: Moon of Plants (blood moon/ total lunar eclipse)
Acceptance of things as they are. The power of gradual change and perpetuation

Friday 17 June: Moon of the Rose
Sometimes a sacrifice is needed to move forward. Meeting with your anima/animus.

Friday, July 15: Moon of the Lightning
Sudden insights, courage and surrender.

Friday, August 12: Moon of the Harvest
What are you harvesting now, what are you getting/what is coming to you? The wealth of the life cycle.

Friday 9 September: Moon of the Hunt
Transformation, the inevitability of difficult lessons. Life and death.

Friday October 7 Moon of the Blood 
Say goodbye to what has been done, reflect on what you want to keep.

Friday 11 November: Moon of the Tree 
The ultimate letting go to make room for the unknown new.
Dive deep into yourself.

Friday December 9: Moon of the Longest Night
The Great Connection between everything, in search of your essence.

Monthly live meeting in the Opkamer on ’t Lennepserf
Friday evening from 19.30 pm to 21.30 pm
Guidance by Femke Bloem
coffee, tea, water and treats
Closing with harp meditation
Small group of max. 12 participants
Investment per evening 20 euros
One-off investment 12 meetings 200 euros (40 euros discount)
Register via [email protected] or call for more info with 06-28 90 2558