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…back from vacation and holiday blues. After endless weeks of traveling with the family or a weekend away with your sweetheart…whether you've unpacked your bags or not…it may just be that you have to deal with a different kind of 'luggage': that nagging feeling of missing out …a form of mourning and sadness. This condition has a name and is called the Post Holiday Syndrome. How do you make sure you get off to a good start after your days off?

1. Don't go to work right away

After returning from your holiday, plan a few more days off to settle in and acclimatize to your 'daily' life. I spoke to several guests who immediately started working again on Monday after they left 't Erf. The Sunday evening before the first working day turns out to be the lowest point of the holiday dip for many people.

2. Go slow: build up your work slowly

People who start working on Monday after their holiday appear to lose their holiday feeling earlier than people who start on Wednesday! A short first week of work with the weekend off already ahead can help you keep that great holiday feeling with you for longer. If you can't organize to start on Wednesday, work fewer hours the first week. go slow!

3. Enjoy at home

Coming home is also nice. You look at your own environment with fresh eyes. Friends and family are around again. You have all your things within reach again. You sleep in your own familiar bed again. You have work or activities that give you meaning and nice goals to work on. Check for yourself what you missed and enjoy it even more!

4. Cherish the beautiful holiday memories

Cherish the beautiful holiday experiences. Exchange holiday stories with colleagues, meet up with family and friends. Take photos or tangible objects to your workplace and put them in plain sight. Everything that helps you to relive the beautiful moments and to experience that relaxed holiday feeling again.

5. Do not step directly on the scale

Do not step on the scales immediately when you get home, because that meeting is usually disappointing. Most people gain a pound during the holidays. And some even more. That won't make you happy. So give yourself time to put on weight and schedule that appointment with your scale in a few weeks.

6. Put a holiday insight into practice

Did you do or leave something during your holiday that made you think 'that makes me happy' 'or this is good for me'? This can be, for example, reading a good novel, taking an evening walk or just doing nothing at all. Bring something that contributes to your personal well-being into your daily practice!

7. Plan your next vacation

The way to prevent PHS is to plan your next trip. If you can look forward to a weekend away, or a holiday, you can get positive energy out of that. You don't have to book right away, but you can fantasize about what you would like to do. Long live the anticipation.