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It's August and that means the holidays are in full swing! Fortunately there is in and around ’t Lennepserf plenty to do for the next month. For example, how about one of these vast trails, generous biking or sail a round on the Cossack feather. But that's not all. We give you a few ideas and tips about the to do's in August.

Relax during a yoga class on ’t Lennepserf

Join us ’t Lennepserf we offer a yoga class every Saturday from 10.00 a.m. to 11.30:8 a.m. You only pay XNUMX euros and you can register via [email protected] When the weather is nice, the lesson is outside in nature under the stretch tent. And with real Dutch k*weather, the lesson is given in the hairdressing shed.

Of course everyone is welcome; both our guests and people from the neighborhood! Do not forget to bring a towel and possibly a bottle of water. The yoga mat is already ready for you. The lesson is taught by Eline Gerrits. Are you staying with us on a Saturday in August? ’t Lennepserf? Then sign up and participate!

Wild hunting on the bike

Looking for red deer, boars and wolves in the woods of Epe towards nightfall? For the adventurous among us, Epe Outdoor organizes an exciting cycling tour. In the evening you go wild on the bike paths accompanied by a guide. Along the way there is room for stories about the area, nature, animals and history. The costs are 17,50 euros. Are you curious about this extraordinary experience in the forest? Sign up at Epe Outdoor.

Plenty of fruit and regional products

August is the month of the harvest of berries, rose hips and blackberries, among other things. But the first apples are also in sight. At 't Erf you can pick fruit and vegetables in the vegetable garden. In addition, there are several fruit companies in the area where you can pick fruit and vegetables or buy all kinds of goodies in the farm shop.

In the farm shop of horticulture doorn at Kerkdijk 3 you can buy the most delicious vegetables and fruit from your own greenhouse and from fellow gardeners in the area.

In the Gulbroek on the Kavelweg in Heerde you can pick blue gold from the bushes. Tucked under poplars, thousands of bushes are full of thick, sweet, juicy blueberries. Note: you must bring your own bucket!

Near Veessen Fruit company Huiskamp is located in the village of Welsum. The most delicious plums, apples and pears are grown here that you can buy in the farm shop.

The strawberry garden Bronsink in Oene is a concept. Here you can buy the tastiest strawberries and in the farm shop they also sell all kinds of regional products. Are you a guest on ’t Lennepserf then it is definitely worth a visit in Oene.

Experience the open air cinema in Heerde

Enjoy the moving images of the film Hors Normes in the open air. Cinetree and Visit Heerde organize together Open-air cinema Heerde at Landgoed Vosbergen on Friday, August 27 at 20:30 PM. You can order tickets through their website and here you can also place an order with the catering of Landgoed Vosbergen. Your order will be ready for you upon arrival! Do you go for popcorn with some fresh or crispy chips with a beer?

Visit special gardens during the Open Gardens Weekend

There will also be another Open Garden Weekend on the weekend of 28 and 29 August, organized by Groei&Bloei. Again, many garden enthusiasts open their garden for a weekend so that you can stroll through it. From dark green landscape to blooming vistas. The gardens are fun to visit with your children or to add to your cycling route, for example. Do you want to know which gardens are open on August 28 and 29? Then check out the website of Growth&Flowering.

Sit on the edge of your seat at the Daikin NK inline skating track

On Friday 27 and Saturday 28 August it will be NK Track held at the new Bertus Dokterpiste in Heerde. It had to wait a while, because it has been uncertain for a long time whether there would be a Dutch Championship due to the corona measures, but there is green light and the date is fixed! Admission is free, by the way, so it's definitely worth checking out. It is an extra party for the organizing association Skeelerhuus because the club exists 35 this year.

You certainly don't have to be bored in and around in the month of August ’t Lennepserf. You can also root around in our vegetable garden or book a wellness and make it a nice pampering day by booking a massage. TheSummer is magic!