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The month of November is not well known: slaughter month, dark, difficult, chilly, gloomy, grey, wet and (too) busy. But is that true? on it Lennepserf we are happy to prove the contrary to you. It's a month full of music, beautiful walks, chocolate milk, winter vegetables and party. There is all kinds of fun to do on and around ’t Lennepserf. We will tell you more about this in this blog.

Jazz festival Heerde 5 November '21

You can let yourself be blown away by world-class artists. The Foundation Jazz Festival Heerde organizes the famous jazz festival Heerde on the first Friday of November. For more information or to buy tickets, visit Jazz festival Heerde.

Round winter vegetables along the road 

Brussels sprouts, kale, Swiss chard: the time for winter vegetables has arrived! Are you coming to stay at 't Erf soon? Then do a round of regional products by Vorchten and Veessen! There are many small stalls and baskets along the road with pumpkins, walnuts and other goodies! Download the regional products route or get a free ticket Cake and Egg.

Fuse Live in Heerde 19 November '21

In their role as house band at Podium Witteman and thanks to performances on DWDD and radio 4, the band Fuse has gained considerable fame. Fuse is an Amsterdam music ensemble that performs classical music as well as jazz and other music styles. The band consists of six members: a string quartet, supplemented by a double bassist and a percussionist. With the Fuse Live program they play their own arrangements of classics and great music from today, by composers from all over the world. Music that survives generations and is created on the spot. For more information, go to Fuse Music.

Entry of Sinterklaas Epe 20 November '21

He is coming back to the Netherlands! The national arrival of Sinterklaas will continue in a modified form. At 't Erf we serve hot chocolate and watch the television broadcast on NPO13 on Saturday 1 November while enjoying a delicious gingerbread chunk. On Saturday 20 November the Sinterklaas arrival in Epe. The party is complete with music corps and lots of mini-piets. It starts at 13.15 pm and lasts until about 15 pm.

City walk Deventer, every Sunday in November 

“Koekstad” has the oldest stone house, the oldest walking park and with the Athenaeum library also the oldest scientific library in the Netherlands. Sign up ’t Lennepserf, then there is a good chance that you will visit lively Deventer. If you are curious about what there is to tell about this city, you can walk through the narrow streets and alleys of the Bergkwartier on Sunday afternoon with an enthusiastic guide. But of course you can walk a nice walk yourself.

Yoga at 't Erf, Saturday morning   

In November, our guests can enjoy a wonderful 90-minute yin yoga class every Saturday morning in the Opkamer meeting room. Time for yoga is always good, but when it's cold and wintery, yin yoga feels most natural. Because you stay in a pose for a longer period of time, there is plenty of room to completely surrender to the pose, and you practice to turn your attention more inward. Every Saturday from 10 am to 11.30:XNUMX am in the Opkamer.

Walking on the Renderklippen 

On the heath of the Renderklippen near the Schaapskooi you can see far. We were there last weekend. The heath no longer turns purple, but the forest around it colors all the more in this time! Look for it fluff lake! There is a nice nature walk, follow the posts with an N or walk the Horsthoekerpad. Buy the Hiking Map in one of the Tourist Info Points or in the webshop of Visit Heerde.

Working from home or a Workation on ’t Lennepserf?

“Just enjoy the sauna and then get back to work”. In recent months, we have regularly received entrepreneurs at 't Erf who came to work on a project together or colleagues who were tired of zooming and were able to meet each other live and relaxed. But also employees who have been working from home since corona and who chose to work in an inspiring place in nature. Do you also want to work relaxed on ’t Lennepserf? Book a workation midweek now and receive a 10% discount!