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About us

Ecolodges 't Lennepserf After three generations of farmers, it has been developed from an agricultural yard into a wonderful destination to enjoy a holiday, relax and recharge.

From dairy farm to holiday park

Where the cows used to be kept, hay was stored and maize was grown, from the end of the summer of 2020 you can ’t Lennepserf go for a shorter or longer holiday stay. After a lifetime of farming, the Bos family wants as many people as possible to enjoy nature in a luxurious way and experience the timeless farming life.

Father Herbert and daughter Merle, both raised on the farm, continue the farm as a sustainable holiday park with various types of luxury and comfortable ecolodges. When devising and executing their plans, the main focus was on how they personally like to experience a holiday: back to basics, as self-sufficient as possible, taking into account nature and the environment, and yet as luxurious as possible.

With these wishes, the dairy farm has now been transformed into a beautiful small-scale holiday park with luxurious sustainable accommodations in a country style.

Curious about how the Bos family does everything they can to save nature and the environment, without the guests having to compromise on quality and comfort? Then look under the heading 'Durable'.