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We hear the term more and more often: grounding. It means that you stand with your bare skin on a natural surface. For example, you can stand with your bare feet on the sand, in the grass or in the earth. Your body then makes a direct connection with the earth. But what are its benefits and what does it benefit our body?

Being grounded can mean two things:

  • Being fully present in your body.
  • Feeling connected to the earth.

What is the advantage of grounding?

We have all experienced that we are grounded. We feel “at home”. But this is often a fleeting experience. Fortunately, there are grounding techniques that help us to be fully present in our bodies. The techniques can help you to:

  • Empty your mind.
  • Recharge your energy.
  • Strengthen your instincts.
  • Calm your emotions.
  • Increase your performance.

Imagine. You walk barefoot on the beach. You feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. You listen to the rhythm of the pounding waves and you smell the sea breeze blowing past you. Now watch your feet. Do you feel a tingling sensation in your feet or legs as the heat enters your body? You may have noticed a similar feeling when walking barefoot on the grass. In those moments you are grounded. That is one of the reasons why many people are attracted to the sea and the beach.

Where can you ground?

Actually, this can be done anywhere. Go outside barefoot for half an hour and see what a difference it makes to your pain or stress level. It is best to sit, stand or walk on grass or sand. These are conductive surfaces where your body can absorb the energy of the earth. In principle, you can ground anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a conductive surface. Wood, asphalt and plastic floors are not conductive, so it will not work here.


There are also special earthing products that you can buy, such as conductive mats, sheets and insoles. They help you ground yourself day and night without having to make time for it.

Op ’t Lennepserf we have enough sand, grass and soil where you can settle for as long as you want. Take your time, take a deep breath and come back into your own body. Take a look at our accommodations and find out if there is still a spot available for you!