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Dealing with nature and the environment in a responsible manner is a matter of course for us.

Taking care of nature and the environment

We do everything we can to save the environment, without our guests compromising on quality and comfort. Where father Herbert used to re-weld something 20 times in order to be able to reuse material and give it a new function, the construction of the holiday park also made extensive use of material that had previously been used elsewhere.

We have 220 solar panels and a biomass system, with which we generate our own energy. We also handle water with care and the rainwater ends up in a 'poodle water', which can be used for swimming in the summer. In addition, the walls are plastered with clay, we develop picking and vegetable gardens for the guests and we adapt ecological green management up. Finally, we work as much as possible with local entrepreneurs and with people who are at a distance from the labor market. With this we would like to ensure that the local community also benefits from our company.  


De frames of the old cattle shed, the feed silo and the drinking troughs of the cows. These are just a few examples of old farm items that have been transformed into beautiful and valuable utensils for our guests.

From rafter to furniture

Cabinet maker Edward Otten from Zwolle has made beautiful furniture for the lodges from the old trusses from the stable.

From feed silo to outdoor shower

You probably remember them, the characteristic feed silos that you used to see in the yard at every farm. Many farms still have them. We didn't want to lose our silo either, so it was converted into an outdoor shower to experience a unique farming experience!


From drinking trough to toilet fountain

The drinking bowls of the cows have also been reused and are now hanging in the toilet of the ecolodges. Not to drink from, but to wash your hands upstairs. Even in the smallest room, history revives!

In addition to the above examples, many more materials have been reused. Think of the tiles from the old farm that have been replaced and the roof plates that have been reused to maintain the real farm feeling.


Green power


We use solar panels and our own biomass system to generate our energy.
In addition, we receive the greenest electricity in the Netherlands via Pure energy.


Pure Energy green electricity