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Sustainable on holiday; that's how you do that!

Sustainable travel; somewhere this of course sounds very double. Travel – and certainly traveling by plane – is by definition not necessarily sustainable, but with our tips we show how it is possible. When you go on holiday sustainably, you take into account...

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5 tips for a successful winter vegetable garden

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is perhaps one of the most sustainable things you can do to contribute to a better environment. We all have to eat. Every day again. By growing your own fruit and vegetables, these products don't have to…

Unsplash winter vegetable garden

Make your own house a sustainable home

It is widely known that it is important to be sustainable. Protecting nature, ecological and human health is crucial. That is why we have chosen to make our lodges as nature-friendly as possible. If we can do that...

Durable, Tourism

Of course enjoying in ecolodge ' t Marsje

We are getting closer to the opening on 1 October and the first ecolodge is now completely ready to be used. We are very excited to introduce you to our very first fully finished lodge: 't Marsje. Enjoy a...

Durable, Tourism

Touch: a sustainable hotspot in Veessen

t ' Lennepserf is not the only one who thinks about the environment. The Boonstra family also cares about nature and therefore also has a sustainable home that protects the environment as much as possible. Marja and Age Boonstra have been living in a self-designed and...


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